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Working to accessibly empower vulnerable women and girls with a robust innovation skillset and essential resources to take part in conservation by empowering them to close the gender gap, and create a community where women are assertive and able to take part in conservation. We stand behind women’s equal participation in conservation.

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To contribute to the conservation of wildlife and their habitats through sound research, launching environmental conservation programs, and capacity building while ensuring the maximum participation of women.


To become a leading organization in promoting wildlife conservation and supporting women's participation in multiple aspects through women's empowerment and capacity building.

Our Objectives

  • To make sound research on wildlife, their habitat, and human-wildlife interaction and coming up with results that can be used to advise conservation stakeholders and practitioners on appropriate conservation approaches.
  • To provide significant support and mentorship to young women who are ambitious in pursuing their career in the field of wildlife
  • To engage the local community in conservation programs and research while ensuring the participation of women.
  • Launching diverse capacity-building programs for the local community that will enable them to earn their livelihood and co-exist with wildlife.


1: Wildlife conservation and Research

WICO conducts social and ecological research for sake of wildlife and community. Our recently research is on Conservation of the Nguru Spiny Pygmy Chameleon (Rhampholeon acuminatus), a critically endangered chameleon and endemic to South Nguru Mountain in Tanzania. Moreover we plan to use the finding of research and indigenous local knowledge to carry various conservation initiatives including habitat restoration, waste collection and management.

2: Women empowerment programs

We conduct diverse programs to women, with aim of boosting their engagement in conservation and supporting them to earn their livelihood. Below are some of key activities that directly engage women:

  • Empowering women/girls who are perusing the career in wildlife by supporting their dream. Majority of beneficiary are from colleges and universities or recent graduates
  • Launching environmental conservation activities in local schools. In each our project we ensure maximum participation of girl. We are launching environmental conservation initiatives in local schools for young girls in both primary and secondary schools. We guarantee that as many females as possible participate in each of our projects.
  • Supporting women from local community to carry out ecologically friendly income- generating ventures.

3: Community engagement and capacity building

We strongly believe in local indigenous knowledge and a participatory approach to conservation. In any of our projects, we optimize the engagement of the local community. We train them and build their capacity to take part in conservation.

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