Womens In Conservation


Today, our planet is facing numerous, unprecedented challenges including threats to wildlife, planetary systems, and human communities. We are delighted you want to support conservation with us. We value a mindset rooted in curiosity about our planet, the desire to share knowledge and expertise with others, and the commitment to making a difference in the world. Together, we can achieve a healthier and more sustainable future for all.

Social Enterprise & Women empowerment

We invest in local women as builders of transformative solutions to the most pressing problems of today and tomorrow (Climate Change, Food Security, Health & Poverty). We do this through the provision of practical tools and resources necessary to drive a paradigm shift geared towards the creation of sustainable and desired solutions. We focus on livelihood drivers of food and income that has been identified on the millennium ecosystem assessment report as one of the main drivers for environmental degradation.

How we do it

Step 1: Capacity building training:

Training and facilitating local women living adjacent to conservation areas to practice environmental friendly income-generating projects to reduce environmental destructive activities. Training involves capacity building sessions and meetings using design thinking to support our social ventures to understand iterate and design solutions tailored to the needs they are serving.

Step 2: Tailored Mentorship:

Key to the success of our social ventures, they receive a life-long opportunity of mentorship and tailored support from entrepreneur experts as a ticket to sustain their venture operations and grow their entrepreneur expertise. By doing so, the communities adjacent to protected areas are able to enhance their quality of life, protect the environment, and guarantee that women actively participate in conservation.

Step 3: Lean Start-Up Financing

On commencement, our social ventures receive a revolving lean start-up loan to implement their income-generating activities and ideas. These are usually group-based payable within a period of three years through Women Conservation Bank (WOCOBA).

Innovation Incubator Accelerator

Our Innovation Incubator Accelerator works to support and enhance university students to develop innovative ideas that will be applicable in conservation sector. We have observed beyond graduating, so many graduates are struggling to find conservation related opportunities. Our solution if we could identify and nurture these young scientist, not only would create a pool of changes agents but build on viable support system for young conservationists. We believe that supporting visionary leaders’ builds strong and stable innovative ideas creates a more cohesive ecosystem for them to react upon different conservation challenges, and also being able to employ themselves through developing innovative conservation initiatives.

How we do it

Step 1: Design Thinking & Capacity Building Training:

Our model is designed as 3 months accelerated training program that empowers university students pursuing conservation related courses to develop conservation related idea, build a model, and test it using design thinking methodology and principles of adaptive leadership.

Step 2: Coaching & Mentorship

Individualized coaching and mentoring to address innovative conservation ideas, project designing, implementation, and resource mobilization skills and leadership needs. Key to the success of our innovators, they receive a life-long opportunity of mentorship and tailored support from conservation experts as a ticket to sustain their operations and grow their innovative ideas.

Step 3: Enhancing innovators with innovative ideas to secure funding opportunities

Guiding innovators to reach funding criteria and linking them to donors and other conservation organizations to expose their innovative projects.
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